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About LL Market s.r.o.
LL Market operates as a trading company, specializing mainly in importing/exporting of grains, oil seeds, flours, and nuts. Our headquarters are situated in Prague from where we offer direct deliveries of grain through road or rail transportation services across Europe or shipment from elevators located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Our Company
Zemědělské stroje a zařízení díly Opravy

In our work, we try to manage risks as efficiently as possible and provide the most comfortable working conditions for both the trader and the farmers. Many years of experience allows us to find solutions in the field of logistics, quality and financial conditions.

Statistické návrhy

The main strategy of our company is the long-term development of stable supply chains for agricultural products, ensuring a balanced price / quality offer and increasing the efficiency of the industry.

Product safety

In our work, we pay special attention to the safety and quality of products. Each batch of grain and flour undergoes laboratory tests for compliance with the quality requirements established by EU standards. Additionally, quality control is confirmed by independent surveyors both at the point of shipment and at the point of receipt of the batch.

Environment & Sustainability
Na sobě slaměný klobouk

Clean and safe food today is the key to strong and healthy future generations. Together we must save our Planet for the sake of our descendants. That is why it is so important to comply with the norms of safe production of agricultural products at every site - from cultivation to storage, transportation and processing.

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